Lessons for Course
Minutes each Lesson
Minimum Age

Windsurf Basic Courses

Naregno Bay is located at safe from the strongest winds as scirocco or maestrale ones, therefor it’s the perfect place to go windsurfing for any level of experience, starting from zero, in total security..

Don’t you have experience? This is the course for you.

The training course includes 5 lessons, 90 minutes for each one, from monday to friday, usually in the morning.
You start from the theory, then the simulator and finally directly to the sea.

Program of the Course of  Windsurf:

  • Essential Theory
  • How to regulate the sail
  • Names
  • Main Manouvres

Advanced Level Course

The Advanced Level Course of Windsurf aim the student to achieve a high level of technics and knowledge for a much better and skilled experience of windsurfing.

For Beginners and Amateurs
What’s in the price?

  • 5 Lessons
  • 90 minutes each lesson
  • Personal Tutor
  • Equipment Rental
  • Insurance
  • Assistance